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O Hell No...

Fyrself----Free your self from domestic violence!
Rude people are not allowed into my space!
My only interest in the past is for the light it throws upon the present.


I March to the beat of mY own drum -
Virtutis Gloria Merces
I'm a free spirt!
When we give our pain a purpose, it ceases to rip apart our lives.

Favorite artist Freddie Mercury
Favorite Song

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé - Barcelona

Died: November 24, 1991 (aged 45)

Favorite art is
Original comic art – A broad term used to describe a piece of art that is related to comic books.
This can include, but is not limited to, comic book art (published and unpublished), convention sketches, pinups, color guides, newspaper dailies and Sundays, card art, etc. I also love paintings of all sorts.

We all come here for different reasons...
So be Nice! Rude people are not allowed into my space! Zero tolerance to ignorance and drama...
I do bite back... I don't always make great art.. and neither do you..

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

If it blinks to much It gives me a headache don't care how good of quality it is!

For picmix maker and my stickers ---- Type sm3 then the item name--- example -- sm3 christmas


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O Hell No...
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